About us

INVISE is a dynamic management consulting company, providing solutions in the area of management, strategy, EU projects, marketing and cluster development.

We are passionate about business, that’s why we look on every business case from a chief executive's perspective, but keeping our unique consultancy vision based on our experience, pursuit of knowledge and constant drive for advance.

INVISE has s tailor made approach, 360 degree solutions to develop your business and to leave a sustainability track.

Based on our extensive project management experience on the international market, INVISE brings high-quality consulting services to companies from Europe to the Pacific.

Our main advantage is that we have solid business knowledge and various experience on complex international projects in EU countries like UK, Germany, Spain and fast-growing and diverse markets such as Russia.

Located in Sofia, the geographical centre of the Balkans, we have a valuable business insight about SEE market – Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey – market with a population of over 120 million people. Our extensive knowledge and diverse project experience make us a preferred partner and subcontractor of Small, Medium and Large Enterprises seeking to develop, implement and manage international projects in multiple countries with a great economic and social impact.

Our goal is to become your trusted management consulting partner in SEE.

Types of organizations we work with:

  • Large companies
  • SMEs
  • Start-ups
  • NGO
  • Clusters
  • Public authorities
  • Universities and Research Institutes

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